Love Actually

Love Actually..Such a great movie and many people dig it out to watch every year.

Some VO/Movie trivia..I did many radio shows from the radio studio used in the Billy Mack interview during my time at Heart 106.2 London

Love Actually

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  1. john o brien. December 17, 2016

    never got to hear you liam on heart 106, but some downloads are available. heard you on eri, rte 2fm, century. know you were on 98 fm for years.

    • admin December 19, 2016

      Hi John, yes I was there from launch Sept 2005-Jan 2007. I returned to Dublin as my family didn’t fancy moving to the UK but it was great fun. All the original lineup have gone on to great things. Scot Mills on BBC R1, David Prever on BBC Oxford and LBC, Chris Farrell is an internet expert and lives in LA, Mike Cass is a global radio expert and currently in Canada. I returned to 98fm for another 3 years.


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