Love Actually

Love Actually..Such a great movie and many people dig it out to watch every year. Some VO/Movie trivia..I did many radio shows from the radio studio used in the Billy Mack interview during my time at Heart 106.2 London


As a friend of mine posted on Facebook today there are only 13 sleeps until Christmas. Now is a very good time to get in touch to get any last minute recordings for over the Holiday period as the studio will be fully closed for 2 weeks.  

Air in the Lungs

In the VO business clear airways are important. I’m not talking flightpaths here, I’m talking about the ability to get air in and out of your lungs as efficiently as possible. A brisk walk in -2 degrees before the start of a recording day helps no end.

Male Voiceover Ireland

I’m here everyday in my state of the art studio supplying voiceovers worldwide. My studio is 100% soundproof and isolated from all technology so no whirring fans or buzzes. I’ve had three months of construction going on next door and not a single noise leaked in. I only use top level professional microphones from Neumann and

Santa voice overs

Almost December and Santa voice-overs are flying out the door worldwide..a bit like Santa himself on Dec 24th!! It’s all magic of course so I cannot tell you how it works. Sworn to secrecy. Have a listen