That old “TH”

The old TH problem. One of the biggest mistakes in Hiberno English (The official version of English spoken in Ireland).

However localisation will happen in every language and the habit of teeth blocking or making a TH sound like a D is ever present in Irish spoken English. Technically it’s an error but it can be endearing locally and accepted as a dialect. It happens in Cockney London English too where it comes out as a V or F

Then there some speakers who make such an effort to get it right they go too far. I was prompted to write this piece today after hearing an ad for Thompson Holidays on RTE radio 1, the biggest radio station in Ireland. The Voiceover mistakenly over-pronounced the H in Thompson.

So for the records fellow VOs ..The H is not pronounced in Thomas, Thompson, Thames, Thailand, Anthony and Thyme.

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Grey Mondays

Grey Mondays are what Ireland is good at.
Head down, warm coffee, lots of lights and a busy recording schedule keep the mood up.
But what does Bailey the Retriever think of Today?

Come on Spring!!

As each day goes by Spring gets a little bit closer.
I’ll be honest I’m a brightness and heat kinda guy.
So a few more warm porridge mornings left before we wake up to brightness.
Speaking of Porridge (ah the radio linking never leaves you) I just did a video voice over for the famous Dr Öetker.
It’s harder than you think to get the Umlaut sound on the Ö but with a bit of practice and help from the German connections in the family I think I nailed it.
Maybe some German lessons are on the cards what with the workload increasing.
It’s so interesting how they have sounds that we never make.
Allways room to learn in this business.

TV Voice over for Bluebird care

Just voiced Bluebird Care 2017 National TV campaign.
Directed by my young fella Allyn Quigley, produced by Fail Safe Films, shot by Narayan Van Maele, AD’d by TJ Duffy, Graded by Windmill Lane Pictures, mixed by Mutiny Recording Studios, concept boards by Storyboard Workshop.