Corporate/Narrative Video voice overs

Corporate Video is the single biggest business tool in the Social media age.
Businesses big and small need to have a video presence from Website to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat and more.
Every good Video needs a professional Voice over to make it breathe.
Liam's voiceovers get your message across clearly while adding the finishing touch to great pictures.

TV Commercial voiceovers

They say video killed the radio star...well at least the Buggles did. It got them a No1 hit in 1979.
This ex radio star is to be found on Video and TV around the world regularly.
Select from TV or Movie Trailers in the menu to the left and see some of Liam's small screen VOs.
Liam's voice overs bring TV commercials to life, clearly delivering the message and adding the finishing touch to great pictures..

Movie Trailers & TV Promos

It's the job every voice over loves doing. It's almost as good as being in the movie itself.
These ones are delivered from right down in the boots

Narrative & Corporate Audio

There are various needs for Narrative audio.
Guide voices for exhibitions, interpretive centres, tours, podcasts, introductions,translations, website audio.
Liam supplies all on a regular basis.